Pemberton Heights Specialists

The REALTORS® of Pemberton Heights. North Vancouver’s Elite Real Estate agents have experience you can trust.



Take your real estate transactions to the next level. Elio Pemberton Heights’ REALTORS® have a proven track record and an intimate knowledge of the area. Their hard work, integrity, honesty, and expertise make it easy to find your perfect home in Pemberton Heights. 

Our REALTORS® understand the nuances of living on the North Shore. The communities in Pemberton Heights are known for being tight knit and welcoming. In the same place you can find the nearby Capilano Mall or the eclectic shops of Marine Drive, you can also discover tree-lined trails that explore the beauty of local creeks, ravines, and forests.

Just a few short minutes away from the Lion’s Gate Bridge, Pemberton Heights and its surrounding areas offer you quiet living without sacrificing proximity to the city. Complete with a backyard of lush mountains, forests, and unparalleled views of Vancouver, Pemberton Heights is the perfect place to experience North Shore living to its fullest.